Additional Info

Additional Info

What can Four Craftsmen Publishing do for you if you’re a Christian writer? Because we’re a very small outfit we can tell you very swiftly if we want to publish your writing. You can expect and receive first rate editing and, proof reading. We’ll shepherd you through polishing your writing while keeping it truly yours. One author told us “You’ve made it better but I can’t see how.”

We buy rights to publish manuscripts we like, handle all the details of designing and producing them as both e-books and paper and ink books, and pay you royalties. We will add your book to this web site, but most other promotion will be up to you.

We are looking for manuscripts presenting Biblical truth in unusual ways or applying Biblical truth to often neglected areas of life.

Four Craftsmen is not now publishing fiction or children’s books.

Royalty contracts at 10 percent of retail price are our usual form for printed books; royalties on e-books may represent 50 or 60 per cent of retail price. To compare this with other publishers, make sure all figures are based on the retail price.

If you think Four Craftsmen Publishing may publish your Christian oriented manuscript: Write in English as it is spoken in the United States or Canada. Inquire by postal service, email or phone, or send us a sample of at least five chapters. Limit the length of Biblical texts quoted, because the owners of the copyrights have rules about this. Bible studies must refer often to Scripture, but expecting readers to look up all but a few key passages in their own Bibles is good form. We prefer modern translations.

Make sure what you offer us is your own original work, not rewritten or cut-and-pasted selections from other authors. Using some quotations is acceptable but sources of all quotations must be identified, and evidence of permission to quote is essential when quotations come from works still in copyright. As a rule of thumb, American copyright is in force for 75 years after an author’s death.

We expect ideas submitted to be compatible with the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds but have no denominational requirements.


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Phil Buechler Ministries

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