About Four Craftsmen


Martin and CeCe Jackson used to dream of publishing orthodox yet unusual Christian thinking. While waiting Martin troubleshot failing newspapers, repaired computers, and constructed electrical and telephone systems. CeCe wrote and taught Bible studies, counseled troubled Christians and became the center of family activities. Up to three family members were involved in volunteer emergency medical service in our home town.

Publishing CeCe’s Christian’s Short Course in the Bible, an end to end study guide, didn’t fulfill the dream.

Then a Canadian magazine publisher ran short of resources to produce a commissioned book on horse training. Our daughter Allanna wrote Back Yard Walkin’ Training Tips and we published it. The book includes a chapter about Jesus Christ, the master trainer of horses and people. A second book was a reprint of a history of the same horse breed. This made us the world’s leading publisher of books for owners of Walking Horses ridden for work and pleasure but not the show ring Those books are on their own website at http://www.walkinghorsejournal.com/

The name Four Craftsmen grew out of a teaching by Phil Buechler. Phil planted churches, and educated church leaders. Many of these churches were in nations hostile to Christianity.

On a visit to our home church Phil taught on the four craftsmen who appear in Zechariah 1:20-21. These craftsmen terrify and throw down enemies of God and join in God’s work. We want our books and Bible studies to guide and encourage Christians in terrifying and throwing down the spiritual enemies of God and learning to walk with God, so the name Four Craftsmen fits.

We collected Phil’s teachings on how to live and change the world in the power of Jesus Christ. That became the book, In the World, Not of It! Martin and CeCe wrote Radical Grace for Finances, drawing on their experience with acting on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6. Martin wrote a short course on spiritual weapons, now in its second edition.

We focus on bringing you truth that works for Christians. This means asking questions and offering answers on topics other publishers don’t answer or don’t think to ask We buy rights from authors, design the books and put them in print at our expense, and pay writers royalties. We edit and design books on modern computers, then send digital files to contract printers for paper and ink production and generating e-book files adapted to most e-book readers, tablets and smart phones.


Allanna Jackson

Allanna's-picAllanna Jackson was part of the original team that formed Four Craftsmen Publishing. She’s still available as a contractor for editing and proofreading manuscripts whether they will be published by Four Craftsmen or not. She is talented at developing the writing abilities of beginning authors. She practiced this for a number of years as editor of the Walking Horse Journal

We published her Back Yard Walkin’ Training Tips some years ago and she shepherded a reprint and update of Ben Green’s Biography of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Allanna was born in Alabama but lived and went to school in California and Arizona. She is pursuing an on-line business degree from Northern Arizona University. You can look for her on Facebook or contact her through Four Craftsmen Publishing.

Phil Buechler

PhilBmugYou’ll laugh at a lead pipe conversion, grow in faith as you see God at work, and find yourself drawn to greater commitment to Jesus as you read Phil’s book.

Phil Buechler became a Christian as an adult, earned a degree in political science and trained as a pastor.

He pastored a Minnesota church for seven years before launching his world-wide ministry of church planting and teaching in 1986. Many of the church plants are in areas of the world where persecution of Christians was a constant threat.

Today he and his wife Denise pastor the C3 Long Island Church in Huntington, New York. The book, In the World, Not of It, showcases a selection of teachings to varied audiences of English speakers from many parts of the world. They include humorous adventures in finding God’s guidance and evading informers and secret police.

Phil, Denise and their children lived in Collierville, Tennessee, and the Atlanta, Georgia, area, before the move to New York.

Martin Jackson

MAJmugMartin Jackson grew up in an officially agnostic family, but by God’s grace he met the risen Lord Jesus Christ in a secularized Spanish Catholic mission church when he was 12. He says he immediately became a bond servant or slave of Jesus.

Martin became a newspaper editor, an Army electronics instructor, an electrician, a school bus driver, a computer technician, an emergency medical technician, and finally a publisher. Retired from all but publishing, he put his writing on spiritual warfare in print. With his wife, CeCe, he’s also written Radical Grace for Finances, the story of their adventures taking Jesus Christ at His word about money.

His education in spiritual warfare has been on the job. His teacher has been the Holy Spirit, with the Bible as the textbook.

Martin was born in Jerome, Arizona. He grew up around historians and archaeologists studying the Native American and Spanish cultures of Arizona and New Mexico. He attended schools in both states, but finished high school at Hollister, California. He earned a degree in international relations, international economics and public administration at Pomona College.He also met his future wife there.

After his first paid newspaper job he spent two years in the United States Army, teaching Hawk air defense missile guidance systems. He completed his military service as a Specialist Five and acting platoon sergeant. He returned to newspapers in California and Arizona as an editor, reporter, photographer and turnaround specialist.

He’s helped found chambers of commerce, been a Boy Scouts committeeman and merit badge counselor, staffed a medical rescue unit, trained teachers for the American Heart Association

“God had had enough of me as a ‘Lone Ranger’ Christian by 1966, and told me to join a church,” Martin says. The church was Trinity Lutheran in Hemet, California. Martin and his family have been active across denominational lines. The call to serve God as a soldier came there too. After a move to the mountains of Arizona Martin became a school bus driver, telephone and computer technician and electrician, and continued study and application of the weapons of spiritual warfare.

Weapons of Spiritual Warfare, second edition, a book published by Four Craftsmen, is a current snapshot of that study.

Radical Grace for Finances, written with his wife, Cecelia, tells stories about lessons CeCe and Martin went through in financial matters, finding out that God is indeed reliable for all He’s promised.

Cecelia Jackson

CJCJmugCecelia Jackson is chief editor for Four Craftsmen Publishing, a Bible study teacher, and writes studies intended to draw Christians closer to their Lord.
She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from high school in Milwaukie, Oregon.

She attended Pomona College in Claremont, California. There she met Martin Jackson and later married him.

She came to know Jesus Christ in Hemet, California, and became very active in bringing renewal to the churches there and later in Arizona. She was an officer in local Women’s Aglow chapters for many years.

CeCe learned book editing by doing it. This involved typing a manuscript over and over at first, a task now greatly simplified by her computer.
She learned the Bible through intensive personal study, by preparing and leading studies for others, and by applying it to her own household and mothering of three children. CeCe is also a spiritual director for individual Christians. Her leaflet series of Bible studies grew out of Sunday school lessons and teaching for small groups. She loves writing and teaching about the Bible. She wrote the e-book, Open Your Bible Now! And co-authored Radical Grace for Finances, with Martin.

CeCe’s father, Edwin Daniel Calkin, designed and manufactured Elf model airplane engines for many years. John J. Brown wrote and published the story of the Elf engines in Dan Calkin and His Elfs, ISBN 0-9673666-0-7. This is available by special request from Four Craftsmen Publishing.